About Joel

Four Things That Make Him Tick



I've been to more than 25 countries on 6 of the 7 continents. Ghana, Australia, El Salvador, Argentina, and the Netherlands just to name a few. Antarctica is next, just not sure when yet.


Everyone has a story to tell. An adventure to share in. A goal to shoot for. I love hearing and taking part in these stories.


The theme of my life is "Always Learning," Everyday. Something new. It's a pretty incredible way to stay fresh.


I love going to the movies. Sci-Fi. Drama. Action. Suspense. Comedy. Horror. Documentary. I enjoy watching it all, especially in theaters.

My Skills

A sampling of my skills...

  • Blogging85%
  • Kickstarter45%
  • Social Media70%
  • Community Management55%
  • Wordpress80%
  • Working in Adverse Environments95%

What I'm Great At Doing

I'm an community manager with broad travel experience, online fundraising success, and viral marketing skills.

My Specialties:Joel Star Trek Mug

• Kickstarter Campaigns ($300,000+ raised)
(208K for Five Iron Frenzy, $47K for the Supertones, $18K for ManCandy & Cupcakes, etc.)

• Online community management (400,000+ fans)

• Blogging (for brands and personally)

• Event coverage via Social Media

• Website updates, management and backups

• QRs Codes, Shortlinks (make it quick & memorable)

• Project management skills
(Experience with organizing group travel, volunteer management,problem solving) 

• Working in fast-paced & adverse environments

• Internet tech support and tutoring
(My friends & colleagues ask me for recommendations when buying tech or before calling support.)


High Praise From Those I've Worked With Before

Dennis Culp

Executive Producer, Owner at Singing Serpent Music

I've found Joel to be enthusiastic, proactive, and a real pleasure to work with. He is innovative and flowing with ideas, and he has proven to be personable and diplomatic in implementing them in a creative environment with multiple stakeholders. I highly recommend his work.

Eric Small

Creator of 10,000 Days

Joel jumped onboard our web series as if he’d been on the show from the beginning. A proactive self starter who understands the value of an original idea and how to execute and see it though to fruition.

Alex Buznego

Manager, Digital and Social Media at Miami Marlins

Joel is a pleasure to work with. Though we worked together only a few times, Joel demonstrated a promptness to respond and a willingness to go the extra mile to tackle challenges when they arose. I would absolutely reach out to Joel to work together again in the future.

Niles Maxwell

Director at Balanced Productions, Producer at Bohemian Entertainment

Joel is a consummate professional. As a web designer, he developed innovative ways to gain exposure for our online videos. I can recommend him to anyone seeking creative solutions to web design and social media challenges.

Leanor Ortega-Till

Saxophonist at Five Iron Frenzy

Our band has appreciated Joel’s commitment to maintaining our online presence. The entire band trusts Joel to keep our sites up-to-date, visually creative and honest. Joel also maintains a professional relationship and is able to keep our private lives private.

Micah Ortega

Manager of Technical Services at Fastlane Productions

Joel has a tendency to attack a problem or opportunity with a voraciousness that I haven't seen in anyone before. He yields incredible results and always seems to be one step ahead. His creativity and aptitude is unparalleled in the circles that I work in and I work in the live production industry which is typically peppered with creative minds.

Cecil Pendleton III

Indiana National Guard Plans & Programming Branch Chief

Joel has provided quick and friendly service every time I have called or emailed him. Not only does he manage my website, but he provides me tutorials and basic tools to manage and update my company website.

Dan & Maria Crosby

President/Assistant Director at Fuel International

Joel is easy to work with and communicates effectively. We would recommend him to anyone wanting web designs and other computer and internet media projects completed with excellence, creativity, and in a timely fashion.


Some of my online work...


My Nerd / Tech Focused Twitter Feed


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Name: Joel Gratcyk

Phone: (630) 286-9227

Address: P.O. Box 923, Downers Grove, IL 60517