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25 Years of Being an IT Professional


How the times have changed. It seems like only yesterday I was a kid working with Windows 3.11 and the Macintosh. Now we have many times that computing power in our phones with us everywhere we go! Take a look at this infographic from Modis. The evolution of the IT Professional has been a crazy ride over the last couple decades. I expect nothing less for the next few.

Over the past 25 years, there’s been a technological revolution to which we’ve all played witness. From the early days of Microsoft’s Windows 3.0 release and the personal computer to smart phones and tablets and Google’s self-driving cars, this revolution has completely changed the world at a very rapid pace.

This tech evolution has created the need for thousands of general and specialized IT jobs, and is continuing to do so—with a projected 18% growth in tech jobs by 2022. This rapid growth has modeled the skilled tech workers we see today and resulted in the next generation of IT professionals.

By taking a look at the past, we can see exactly how these positions emerged and evolved as well as help you determine this essential skill sets required for your candidates for these positions. With that in mind, we’ve created an infographic timeline of the evolution of the IT professional over the past 25 years and the roles that emerged during each step.

Infographic: The pros of a Tech-free Vacation

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