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Drink Where Your Beer Is Made

It’s been a productive weekend in the world of craft beer mapping. We’ve got a team of 20 volunteers at that have signed up and begun working with us on our site. States currently undergoing work include Tennesee, California, Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina and others. The site’s load time averages are now down in the 2-3 second range. We’ve also redesigned the color scheme and simplified several aspects of search.

Haven’t visited the site recently? You can now log in with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. No more need to remember a separate email and password.

Our goal for is to make it easy for anyone who likes craft beer to find breweries near them or where they are traveling to any time of the day or night on one site. The days of visiting a dozen sites to plan a brewery tour are quickly coming to an end.

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Drink Where Your Beer Is Made.

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