‘Roadtrip’ Hits Apple’s App Store

Road Trip! product feature video.

Time for a Road Trip! A music listening app that invites you and your friends to jam out together just like you’re in the same room. Play DJ and try to climb the leaderboard or sit back and let someone else control the tunes during your next commute, workout, or spare couple minutes!

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Who doesn’t like being the DJ?
Sharing new music, enjoying the classics, playing that earworm on repeat.

The Roadtrip – Listen Together app lets you and a group friends listen to any songs on Spotify you want at the same time! There is a chat option included with fun little emojis and sound effects.

The only bummer is that the service requires a Spotify Premium account and has yet to connect with any other music services.

That all being said, if you have a Spotify Premium account and a group of friend who do too, you’ll probably love Roadtrip. An Android version of the app is planned, but not yet public.

Roadtrip - A music listening app where you & friends jam out together | Product Hunt Embed

Download the app for iOShere.


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