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The Cost of Running a Marketing Automation Team Infographic


The highly specialized world of automated marketing requires a large team to be the most effective. I didn’t realize how big of a team is really needed until I saw this infographic. No wonder these sorts of job skills are often outsourced to third parties by smaller companies and marketing firms. It can take almost a dozen people to do what many nonprofits and small businesses higher one person to do!

…What does it take to really run a bleeding edge digital marketing team? A team well versed in content, messaging, inbound, outbound, strategy, data, CRM… the list goes on and on. A quick Google search on the topic literally yields ZERO helpful results. We at LeadMD manage many aspects of the marketing operations and strategy processes for our clients so we see first hand all of the marketing skill sets it takes to form marketing Voltron. This infographic illustrates those high demand competencies and the costs associated with them. How does your team stack up?

Click on the image below or visit to see it full size:

LeadMD's The Cost of Running a Marketing Automation Team: Image Source:

LeadMD’s The Cost of Running a Marketing Automation Team – Image Source:

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