Can’t Find “Friends” On Your Apple TV? Here’s How…

FRIENDS on Netflix

UPDATE: As of 12:40 CST on 1/1/15 Netflix reports that the search glitch has been fixed

I’ve been looking forward to Friends hitting Netflix for months. Sure we own the show on DVD, but haven’t see it in forever because its so much work to switch discs. Could it BE any more difficult? Anyways, the show hit the streaming network today. I found it on on my Mac no problem, but couldn’t get it to show up on my Apple TV. It wasn’t “Featured”, it wasn’t under “TV Comedies” or “Recently Added.”

I found two ways around this via @NetflixHelps on Twitter:

1.) Add the show to your “My List” via the website:

2.) Search via an actor/actress in the show. In this case a search for Jennifer Aniston did the trick:

I hope this post helped! Have fun watching the show.