How To Get That ZIP of MP3s, WAVs or Other Audio Files Onto Your iOS Device

Let’s say you just downloaded that rad new album from your favorite indie band. They are likely distributing their music on their own through a service like Shopify or PulleyApp and have given you a ZIP file in exchange for your hard earned money. Here is how to take that ZIP file (assuming it has audio files and an album cover in it) and get those new tunes onto your iPhone or iPad. Let’s face it, its not as easy as iTunes store but it does help support your local music makers.

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1.) Download the ZIP file

The first thing you’re going to do is download that ZIP file. This most often happens with an email sent from the band’s store with a download link in it. Click on that link and let the file download to your Mac or PC. Remember where your browser saves files so you don’t have to go hunting for it. Usually its just in a “Downloads” folder, but that’s not a hard and fast rule.


2.) Unzip the ZIP Folder

If you have a modern computer this process may have already happened. You’ll know if you see a folder with the same name as the ZIP file. If not, just double click on the zip and it will automatically expand.

Still not working? Try downloading the free StuffIt Expander for either Mac or Windows. Install. Drag. Drop. Done.


3.) Import the Files Into iTunes

Open iTunes. Click on “File” and then “Add to Library…” From there you’ll select the file(s) you want imported and then “Okay.” Wait a few seconds for the files to import into your library and you’ll be on to step 4.


4.) Make Sure the Album Information and Cover is Correct

Sometimes you’ll get music without a cover or correct ID tags. Hey, it happens. You can fix this by selecting the song(s) you want to update, right-clicking on them and selecting “Get Info.” Update any fields you’d like to change. You can go to the “Artwork” tab and upload any JPG you’d like to assign as an album cover if one wasn’t provided in your download. Click “Okay.”


5.) Sync the New Music to Your iOS Device

Now that the music is in your iTunes library all you have to do is sync them to your iOS device. Make sure that the “Sync Music” check box is selected. If you have “Entire music library” selected then you’re good to go. Just select “Apply” and you’re set. If you have “Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres” selected you’ll want to make sure to go to the Artist and/or Album area and select the music you want synced first. Then you’ll want to hit “Apply.”

If you don’t see the “Sync Music” option at all, but instead see “iCloud Music Library is On” you’re basically set. Make sure you’re signed into your Apple ID on both iTunes and your iOS device. The songs will show up shortly thereafter.

The Amazingly Simple Trick Every New iPhone User Needs To Know, But No One Is Telling You


There have been a slew of posts from Apple lovers and haters a like that complain of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bigger size. Most of them complain about the screen being too big to use the phone with one hand. Apple thought of this and included a simple way to bring the iPhone screen down so you can reach everything with your thumb. What’s the trick?

Swipe your thumb left to right and back. That shortcut moves the iPhone’s screen down far enough for you to reach anything you need with just one hand. Crazy simple right? That means all of those complaints about the phone being too big to use with one hand are moot. You’re welcome.

The Last Century’s Worth of Telecommuications Technology Sounds Covered in 4 Minutes


If you have ever wanted to see/hear the last century’s worth of telecommunications technology covered in just 4 minutes this video was created for you. This chronologically ordered mix includes carrier pigeons, typewriters, telegraph, rotary phones, instant messaging and dial-up sounds and more.

Oliver and I wanted to tell this history, a century-long journey of man and machine (and pigeon) by drawing on the power of our associations with communication technology, and creating audio and video tracks that would alternatively interact or diverge, presenting parallel versions of the narrative. While compiling these sounds and images, sense-memories, funny stories, and hazy historical recollections were jarred from the darkest recesses of our brains.

Full blog post covering the video’s backstory can be found at:

Five iPhone 5 Announcement Live Blogs

Today Apple is expected to announce the release of the iPhone 5 (and a new iPod or two). The event is happening in San Francisco at 10:00 a.m. Pacific/11:00 a.m. Mountain/12:00 p.m. Central/1:00 p.m. Eastern.

I, like many, am unable to attend and the event will not be live streamed (at least not officially). Thankfully there are ways to follow the event from where ever you are thanks to the many media organizations invited to the event.

A few of my favorite places to follow the Apple announcements as they happen include:

AFTER the event is all over you’ll be able to see the official video presentation posted at

The iPhone 4S and Apple’s Lost “Wow” Factor

Apple announced the iPhone 4S today. The highlights include 8 Megapixel Camera, new camera lens setup, 1080p 30fps video, dual-core A5 chip, and Siri™, “an intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking.” The iPhone 4S video does a great job at showing this stuff. Yes, some nice improvements have been made over the iPhone 4, with the new iPhone4S but it seems that the “Wow” factor has been misplaced at Apple recently.

The iPod, iPhone and iPad were all incredible products when launched. They were all amazing devices. Then the evolution of those products have been slow and not nearly as exciting. The iPad should have had a camera built in the first time around. The iPad 2 should have had the Retina display. The original iPhone launched without cut and paste. The iPhone 4 should have never had the death grip issue. And on and on. Apple is not perfect, but that have been known to be innovative.

Steve Jobs once said “…people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” In many ways I want Apple to show me the next thing that I want or need in my life. Don’t get me wrong. I know some of the things I want. An iPhone with NCF and full 4G support would be nice. I know that I want an Apple Television set, but have no idea why or how I’d pay for one. I just know that Apple can make a freaking amazing television set.

Lets hope that the wow factor at Apple has indeed only been misplaced for now and not lost. Here is to hoping that the Sprint announcement this week has something cool in-store. Or at the very least Apple has some “Wow” stored up for a 2012 release (or two).

Full 10/04/11 Apple Press Release: