Beer Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference

17 Interesting People I Met At #BBC17

This was my first time attending the Beer Bloggers & Writer Conference. It was held in Milwaukee, WI in August of 2017. The conference itself has been going on annually since it first began in Boulder, CO in 2010.

The conference is focused on connecting beer blogger, writers, and industry peeps. The breakouts, sessions, brewery visits, and off-hours conversations and bottle shares make this one of the most fun conferences I’ve ever attended.

There were over 200 people in attendance so this list is in no way a reflection of importance. Everyone that I met was somehow peculiarly interesting and involved in the beer industry in some way. The level of involvement ranged from casual fans of craft beer, to those who write about it, to those who make and market it daily.

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The Speaker Decks of #BBC17

Didn’t get to attend BBC17 last year?

Attended and want to brush up on the speakers we heard from in Milwaukee?

Here’s a quick collection of many of the speaker decks we saw while at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference in August of 2017.

The Many Personalities of Beer – Julia Herz

Welcome to Milwaukee – John Kimes

Susan Evans Keynote

Getting Serious: Professionalize Your Blogging – Ben Keene

Local Beer Expert to Local Beer Entrepreneur – Joe Wiebe

Social Media 2.0 – Leah Kuck

Turn Your Passion Into a Career – Mandy Carter

What’s Next for the Beer Industry – Lester Jones (NBWA)

The Art of Spontaneous Fermentation – Frank Boon

The Big Squeeze – 7 Market Forces Affecting Breweries and Bloggers – Sumit Vohra


Are you attending BBC18?

I’d love you to attend my Lighting Talk during session #2 from 3:00 – 3:45 p.m. on Saturday, August 11, 2018. I’ll be speaking about 360 photography at breweries, how bloggers can use it to make connections in the local craft beer community, and show you how affordable it is to started. Or hit me up anytime to ask questions, hangout, or share your story with me!