Don’t Waste Your Money When Donating to Relief Efforts

Looking to donate your hard earned money to various relief organizations, but want to make sure your money is going to a reputable outfit? Check out Charity Navigator. They provide hard stats on various charities yearly financials, how much goes to actual relief efforts vs overhead costs, etc.

Charity Navigator has been around for over 15 years. They’ve rated nearly 8,500 non-profits based on various factors that judge how much money that a group takes in and how much of it actually goes towards the organization’s stated goals. Here is a snippet from their website:

Founded in 2001, Charity Navigator has become the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities. In our quest to help donors, our team of professional analysts has examined tens of thousands of non-profit financial documents. We’ve used this knowledge to develop an unbiased, objective, numbers-based rating system to assess over 8,000 of America’s best-known and some lesser known, but worthy, charities.


Specifically, Charity Navigator’s rating system examines two broad areas of a charity’s performance; their Financial Health and their Accountability & Transparency. Our ratings show givers how efficiently we believe a charity will use their support today, how well it has sustained its programs and services over time and their level of commitment to good governance, best practices and openness with information. In the not-too-distant future, we plan to also rate charities’ reporting of their results. We provide these ratings so that charitable givers/ social investors can make intelligent giving decisions, and so that the nonprofit sector can improve its performance.

One of the best things about Charity Navigator? They don’t solicit donations from charities they rate in order to avoid impact or perceived to impact on said ratings. Various annual reports and articles are published by the group that can be helpful to donors and potential donors as well including the CEO Compensation Study, Metro Market Study, and features on groups helping with various tragedies in the news.

Go. Research. Donate.