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Why Every Beer Blogger Needs a 360 Camera

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I presented at the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference (recently rebranded as BeerNow) in August 2018. I participated in the “Lightning Talks” part of the conference. Seven of my fellow conference attendees and myself each had five minutes to “expound on something related to their involvement in the beer industry.”

I, of course, chose to talk about my 360 photography experience. The goal was to share some practical advice and no just advertise what I did so I skip chatting about The short presentation I gave was captured in 360 degrees from the stage just in case you want to see my chat for yourself.

Why Every Beer Blogger Needs a 360 Camera

Amazon has the Ricoh Theta V (the camera I currently use) available for purchase right now.

My presentation  is on SlideShare and embedded below:

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Five Remote Job Sites You Should Be On Right Now


Looking for a Remote Position? Here are the websites to focus on when searching for that perfect remote employment.

There are hundreds of job sites out there for everything under the sun (and a few up in space). I’ve spent far too many hours jumping from site to site without finding exactly what I’m looking to do. That changed when I started spending some time on the sites listed below. Sign-up, apply and find a new gig today. Just remember to move fast. Some of these jobs won’t last long: is a newsletter on remote tips & jobs sent every two weeks to 20,000+ remote workers. They also regularly update a list of 200+ startups that are currently hiring remotely. They have a jobs board [free] and a Slack community [paid.]

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is the “best place to find and list jobs that aren’t restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area.” They have RSS feeds for each remote job listing category that you can use with your favorite RSS reader or IFTTT to send you an email if you don’t want to remember to visit the page every day. is the place to connect with startups around the world. They have both remote and in person positions so remember to have the “Remote” filter on when searching. You can use the site to apply to jobs privately. Only the companies you apply to will see you’re looking for a job. Salary and equity options in the company are displayed before you apply. There is also a useful startup salary tool. is great too because there are no recruiters to deal with when applying. Your application goes straight to the startup’s founders.

RemoteOK has over 500,000 user visits each month searching for remote jobs listed from companies all over the globe. They also offer a daily/weekly/monthly email list featuring all of the new jobs added to the site. It can be a bit tricky to navigate, but the jobs listed make it worth it.

Velvet Jobs

Velvet Jobs covers all sorts of positions, but has a listing of currently over 1,300 jobs classified as remote. The service is free when creating your profile and searching. It does push a subscription fee in order to apply for jobs, but I have been able to search Google with keywords in job listings on Velvet Jobs that I like and apply directly to the company for free.

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You Might Be Suprise at What Multitasking While Driving Does To Your Brain

Everyone knows we’re not supposed to multitask while driving, but do you know why? Refraining from texting, changing the radio, or talking to other people in the car isn’t just cautionary advice from your parents and driver’s ed teachers. It turns out your brain literally can’t focus on too much at once. Find out why:

Were you really paying attention? Take the quiz to find out:

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Ghost Launched to the Public Today

Ghost Public Launch. Image by Steve Jurvetson.
Ghost Public Launch. Image by Steve Jurvetson.

Ghost, the hot new blogging platform, launched to the public today. Three weeks ago the 6,000 people who supported the project got an early release of Ghost. Several updates and fixed have been added to the new release today. There are also some hosts like RackSpace that are offering Ghost auto-installs. Ghost has plans to offer a hosted option as well soon.

Envato, a Ghost launch partner, is offering up to $3,500 to new Ghost themes submitted and approved by the staff at ThemeForest to help get the Ghost Themes category going. The platform is open source and now also available on Github for “starring, forking, and pull requesting.”

Get all the details at:


A Timeline of the History of the World Wide Web

Photo source: Web Directions’ History of the Internet

A quick overview of the history of the internet has been posted on Web Directions. John Allsopp put together this list of key dates, browsers, technologies and ideas in an informative and easy to read online guide. Take a look and see if you learn anything new: