The Last Century’s Worth of Telecommuications Technology Sounds Covered in 4 Minutes


If you have ever wanted to see/hear the last century’s worth of telecommunications technology covered in just 4 minutes this video was created for you. This chronologically ordered mix includes carrier pigeons, typewriters, telegraph, rotary phones, instant messaging and dial-up sounds and more.

Oliver and I wanted to tell this history, a century-long journey of man and machine (and pigeon) by drawing on the power of our associations with communication technology, and creating audio and video tracks that would alternatively interact or diverge, presenting parallel versions of the narrative. While compiling these sounds and images, sense-memories, funny stories, and hazy historical recollections were jarred from the darkest recesses of our brains.

Full blog post covering the video’s backstory can be found at:



Looking for some random photo exchanges (not that kind) the kind that involve mystery, anonymity and a circular frame? Check out the free and artsy photo sharing app called Rando. “ experimental photo exchange platform for people who like photography. A rando is an image that is taken by you and sent anonymously to somebody completely random.” You have to send an image to get an image. You’ll never know who receives the photo you are sending, just a general approximation of where that person is located. The app is free for iOSAndroid and Windows phones.

Spotify App Update Brings Free Music Streaming to Mobile


Spotify has released an update to its iOS app allowing a very Pandora experience for US based users of the iPhone and iPad. The app allows you to create stations based on your musical tastes that are ad supported. You can setup a station based on a any of your preferred songs or playlists, or by searching for new items directly on your phone. There are also gerne based radio stations.

You can’t listen to any specific song you want, but a set of songs that Spotify thinks are similar. If you don’t like a song you can skip it. Spotify allows you up to 6 song skips per hour.

Some key features to note in the mobile Spotify app include adding songs to your playlists, unlimited songs and stations, and creating stations based off of playlists you’ve created on your desktop.

You can download the free ad-supported app at