Joel’s Interstitial Plugin for YOURLs

I use YOURLs as a way to help keep my brands intact on various links and stories I use on a regular basis from my professional blog, dad blog and beer directory. I approached Ozh, lead developer on YOURLs, about creating a plugin to display an interstitial ad between users clicking on a shortlink and visiting the target site. He developed it for me and I’ve been using it for a couple years now.

There are added featured I’d like to see made on the project, but Ozh has expressed to me that he is no longer interested in developing it. I’m releasing the code now via GitHub in hopes that other YOURLs user can help implement these (and other) upgrade to make the plugin even more useful.

Included Features:

  • Ad is displayed between a user clicking on a shortlink and being redirected to the target URL

Features for Future Releases:

  • Image previews when sharing on social media
  • Improved ad blocking avoidance

If you find it useful I’d love for you to buy me a beer as a thank you. Thanks for your interest in the free plugin. Download it or help improve it today at:

Pixelsign: Create HTML5 Mockups on Popular Devices For Free


Pixelsign can be used to embed websites and designs on various devices while keeping their aspect ratio. The project can be downloaded from GitHub for free. It is intended for use on websites and splash screens as a way of displaying your photos/videos and enabling anyone with some minor coding experience to make their website look more professional and reputable.


The Pixelsign Demo shows off the multiple devices, color schemes and orientations currently available. There is also a “home button” layer defined on some of the devices “for possible click event bindings.” Have you used Pixelsign yet? What did you think?