Facebook Launches “Mentions” iOS App


I was greeted by an invitation from Facebook to start using its new iOS app called Mentions. Its a new way for actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers to discover and join conversations on Facebook.

Facebook Mentions is currently only available to verified public figures using the company’s Pages app. According to  the iTunes product description some of the promoted features are:

• See what fans are saying – Start a conversation with people and influencers who are talking about you.
• Tell your story – Share updates, photos and videos and host live Q&As directly from your phone.
• Join popular conversations – Discover what’s trending and add your voice to the story.

Here’s what the sign-up screen looks like:

(Click to view larger image)

I downloaded the free app this morning and gave it a quick test drive with one of my client’s accounts, Five Iron Frenzy. Mentions is in a lot of ways the same as Pages: Notifications, Posts, Profile, etc. It is not a replacement for the Pages app however. The News Feed feature in Mentions focuses on both the traditional act of serving updates from pages an account follows, but also has a Trending tab for keeping up to date on what everyone is talking about on the social network.

Facebook Mentions - Login Screen   Facebook Mentions - Newsfeed   Facebook Mentions - Trending

The most useful part of Mentions is the Mentions section of the app. It is a social media monitor of sorts that shows you what statuses have been share that mention your brand. These include posts from users to the brand’s page, but also public posts by users who don’t tag the brand and just use its name. Beyond alerting you to what people are saying about your brand it allows for easy interaction with those users as the brand you represent. I honestly think its genius.

Facebook Mentions - Five Iron Frenzy Profile   Facebook Mentions Tab

Verified users can also run Facebook’s new Q&As from the app as mentioned on the app’s support page:

To start your Q&A:

  1. Tap Post
  2. Tap Q&A
  3. Introduce yourself and upload an optional photo
  4. Tap Post

To respond to a question:

  1. Tap Reply below a question
  2. Write an answer and tap Post

When you’re ready to end your Q&A, you can post a comment to let people know that it’s over. Keep in mind that people will still be able to post additional questions and comments.

If you manage a verified Facebook profile and like connecting with your fans Mentions is a must have app. Go check-it out now at Facebook.com/Mentions and download it now.