Geo-Locate Your Facebook Page Posts

If you have a band on tour or a brand with stores in various locations you don’t always want all of your Facebook fans to see every update. There is an easy way to target posts to say just your Denver, CO fans/customers within a few clicks. Here is a quick how to on what to do:

Step 1: Click the little “Target” symbol.

Step 2: Choose “Location” as the targeting option.

Step 3: Click “All Locations.”

Step 4: Select the location criteria you want to restrict your post on. It can be my Country, State, City, etc.

Step 5: Start typing your options in. As you type the city, i.e. Denver, various options show up. Select the one(s) you want and hit “Choose Locations.”

Step 6: Type your update, upload your photo, etc. Hit “Post” and it’ll be shared with the targeted group(s) you’ve picked.

You can also target your posts with other options like age, gender and educational status. Play with the various options offered and make your posts more effective.