Give Your Photos a Feather Effect in Photoshop


Sometimes it can be nice to add a simple feather effect to the borders of photos for online galleries or scrapbooks. Here is a simple how-to guide to show you how to make it happen with Photoshop in 8 steps. I’m using Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 in this example but these general instructions will work in many previous versions as well.

1.) Open your image.



2.) Set your “Feather” size.



3.) Select your “Marquee” or “Lasso” type.


4.) Make the selection you want over your image. 

5.) Click “Select” and then “Inverse.”


6.) Set your Background Color.

7.) Click “Edit” and then “Cut.”

8.) Save your image.

That was easy wasn’t it? If you have any questions leave ’em in the comments.