Internet Access in the US is Slow, Costly, and Unfair According to Susan Crawford: Find Out Why You Should Care


Did you know that a only 4 in 10 households in the US making under $25,000 a year have access to wired broadband internet vs 9 in 10 households with $100,000 or more a year? Does that upset you? It should and here’s why:

Take a moment to watch this interview with Susan Crawford and Bill Moyers about the current divide in America’s high speed internet access costs and opportunities for those that can afford it and those who can’t. Susan argues that the internet and telecomm markets in the US should re regulated like utilities and not kept monopolies as they are. With some very compelling facts and points of view on the subject she’ll make a believer out of you that Americans pay too much and receive too little for our monthly internet service fees.

Susan Crawford, former special assistant to President Obama for science, technology and innovation, and author of Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age, joins Bill to discuss how our government has allowed a few powerful media conglomerates to put profit ahead of the public interest — rigging the rules, raising prices, and stifling competition. As a result, Crawford says, all of us are at the mercy of the biggest business monopoly since Standard Oil in the first Gilded Age a hundred years ago.

“The rich are getting gouged, the poor are very often left out, and this means that we’re creating, yet again, two Americas, and deepening inequality through this communications inequality,” Crawford tells Bill.

You can find out more about Susan Crawford by reading “Is Broadband Internet Access a Public Utility?” and getting a copy of her book “Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age.”

The article she was referring to in the Wall Street Journal is “The Web-Deprived Study at McDonald’s.

There is also a WhiteHouse.Gov petition to have her serve as the next FCC Chairperson.