Mysterious New ‘Star Trek’ Website Released

J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot are great at what they do. They like mystery and adventure. The new Star Trek Into Darkness’ second trailer was released Monday and seems to include plenty of both. Interestingly enough a website url has been found hidden in one of the frames of the newly released trailer as seen below:

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer #2 Hidden URL

The website was registered in November by MarkMonitor, a company that prides itself on keeping corporate customer’s identities protected.

Are You The 1701?

When the logo is clicked a pop-up box asking for information and permission to be added to a mailing list is

MarkMonitor is no doubt working in conjunction with Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures on this project. The website code (and this pop-up) include links to Paramount’s Privacy policy. There is also a Twitter handle and Facebook page to go along with the name.

Where do you think these sites and social media profiles will take us in the future? Your guess is as good as mine.