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Why Every Beer Blogger Needs a 360 Camera

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I presented at the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference (recently rebranded as BeerNow) in August 2018. I participated in the “Lightning Talks” part of the conference. Seven of my fellow conference attendees and myself each had five minutes to “expound on something related to their involvement in the beer industry.”

I, of course, chose to talk about my 360 photography experience. The goal was to share some practical advice and no just advertise what I did so I skip chatting about The short presentation I gave was captured in 360 degrees from the stage just in case you want to see my chat for yourself.

Why Every Beer Blogger Needs a 360 Camera

Amazon has the Ricoh Theta V (the camera I currently use) available for purchase right now.

My presentation  is on SlideShare and embedded below:

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